Museums: An Inspiration Station


Okay, got that over with. It’s just so timely and too good not to showcase right at the beginning. Clearly, the priorities of this post are way in check.

But to be perfectly honest, Miss Rhode Island was absolutely correct in her answer—April 25th was the perfect date today. Not too hot, not too cold.

And I did wear a light jacket.

I know, I was having a moment too when I realized the prophecy had been fulfilled

Everything about April 25th was exactly how Miss Rhode Island promised, which of course made it the perfect day to venture into the outside world and go to Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts.

I love museums—like a bookstore, you can just wander around the stacks for hours on end, and feel content to appreciate the atmosphere and everything that catches your eye. My feet and hip were KILLING me by the end of all the walking, which further proves I’m one step closer to being a senior citizen on the inside and out. Regardless, as someone who finds inspiration in all sorts of art and visual means, the pain for me was so worth the total creative boost I received by the end of it. I mean, just look at all the pretty:


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All of the flowers and dark, tropical coolness (that Tropical Mythologies section with the chandeliers/palm tree wonders was amazing) was exactly the sort of aesthetic poke I needed to get me all happy and eager to go back over my pirate fantasy for the 393927th time. While I do love me some Pinterest to fill up my storyboards all day err day (not even kidding), there’s just nothing like going to the museum to see these works in person and bask in the creative energies swirling from exhibit to exhibit. And when you find something that reminds you of your writing (and let’s be real, this happens EVERYWHERE), it’s amazing how exciting it is (and hilarious when you freak out and nobody around you knows why) and how excited you then become to return to your story. Right now, my mind feel a lot more unclenched, which means diving back into revisions will be a smooth ride tonight and not so painful as is usual with revising. Eh. Hopefully.



Weekend Watching

In between reading/editing my manuscript for the 294746339th time, and actually acting like a human for two seconds to go out for a night (where I hugged the living crap out of friends I had not seen in forever), this was also a weekend of television for me.

I LOVE television. Seriously. My idea of a perfect night is watching Netflix for however long until it starts getting embarrassing. Which happens. A lot.

But beside the point, when I get into my creative bursts and corner myself into the writing cave, I tend to neglect a TON of shows and get super sad because the internet is a raging minefield of spoilers. And for those who don’t know me, I HATE spoilers with a burning passion. It ranks among the top five of my random hatred list along with foolish mortals, mayonnaise, raisins, and selfies that try too hard.

Again, more to the point, this weekend I was able to hunker down and catch up on some television that I’ve been waiting to dive back into (and avoiding pesky internet spoilers like the plague). Here are some of the random gems:


This is technically my “writing research” show (snort), and it doesn’t hurt that it’s RIDICULOUSLY good and all sorts of amazing. I’ve loved it since the first season aired last year and was so frustrated when I finally reached the second season’s close this weekend. So epic, bloody, and vulgar in the best way only a killer pirate show can be. Ugh, and so the waiting game begins. Between now and then, I’ll have to find another show to fill that pirate-y void. Or probably just rewatch Black Sails until my eyes bleed. It’s a toss up, really.


This show is, again, EVERYTHING. I’ve already watched the whole season (literally, in two days after Netflix released it), and had the pleasure of rewatching most of the episodes with my sister this weekend. It’s so funny, random, and empowering–aka my favorite combination of words.


This is yet another favorite of mine from Starz (they are really cranking out some amazing shows). I was always meaning to read the book before the show (still have it unopened in a bag somewhere in my room from when I went on a very ambitious book-buying trip), but it is seriously gigantic. As in, it-could-double-as-a-weapon gigantic. And not that I don’t love huge books, but I just know I’m going to have to reserve a good amount of free time to immerse myself in the story because it is just so good. The show is amazing (ahem, Jamie is amazing), and watching it has only made me want to read the books that much more.


And here is yet another Netflix show (also, very impressed with the stuff they’re putting out there as well). I’m a fan of superhero stories, so the newly released Daredevil was right up my alley. Since I’ve only just started it, I have to say I like it a lot better than the Ben Affleck version (which, the general consensus seems to agree, was a bit blah). I love the way it filters in the backstory in relation to the action. However, I’m still in that watching early stage where I’m waiting for it to become more ohmygodcan’tstopwatchingsoundthealarm. After a few more episodes, I’m sure I’ll get there.

Such a random variety, but these perfectly illustrate my tastes for movies and television (let’s be real, pretty much life in general). So those were all of my weekend watches, which I’m sure will only increase more because I devour television like junk food when my writer mind just needs the freedom to have fun/be mush for a while. But the weekend is over, and now I have to put my writer helmet on and say goodbye to the television for this week’s sake.