The Dark Days Are Over—It’s Mah Birthday!

Welp, it’s been QUITE a while—mostly because of this funny-not-so-funny story: I’ve been recovering from a pretty bad eye infection for a little more than a week, which was seriously the WORST. I felt like a vampire for the majority of the time since I couldn’t be anywhere near the sun or bright lighting, and the worst of it was I could hardly read a single word from a book or any sort of screen. Thus, I was on a forced break from my computer and books, which meant I was suffering SEVERE withdrawals from my work and anything having to do with words.

Oh boy, those days were dark.

On the upside, I was able to finish Outlander season 1 (HOLY CRAP SO INTENSE). On a bigger upside, I’ve been on the mend, been slowly able to read more books, and now, I’m well enough that my computer and I are happily back together.

And what better way to celebrate my official return back to the world of blogging than on my birthday!!!!!

So before I go back to do more birthday shenanigans (aka go to my last eye appointment, praise), here are just some small updates:

Reading Things: GUYS, I’VE BEEN READING. I feel like I’m always making promises to read more since pirate fantasy seems to be taking over my life (in a good way), but one blessing about the cursed eye infection was that I got to read some good ol’ books while I was woefully separated from my computer. My most recent reads were Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, Dark Descendant by Jenna Black, White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout, and Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover. It was a cool variety which certainly helped me in getting over my reading slump! I’m determined to get through a lot more because it’s embarrassing how very little book posts I’ve made compared to my television ones . . .

Watching Things: So, as mentioned, I finished the first season of Outlander (now I’ve got to tackle that book . . .) and have kept up with my Avatar obsession (I’m reallllly stretching out season 3 because I don’t want it to end!). Some new additions to the television mix are UnREAL (such a dark and fantastic take on the behind-the-scenes aspect of shows like the Bachelor—naturally, I’m obsessed) and the new season of Orange Is the New Black (one of the crown jewels of Netflix).

But, aside from television, I watched Jurassic World and thought it was AWESOME and such a fun! Sure there was a ton more violence than in JP, but with our current audience who loves the actions and thrills, I’m not entirely surprised by its direction. Still, it was super entertaining, pumped with nostalgia, and I absolutely LOVED Chris Pratt’s character *heart eyes*. Also watched Inside Out yesterday which seriously punched me hard in the feels. I’m pretty sure I cried throughout the whole movie because I’m that movie-watcher. But overall, it was so clever, well-planned, and beautifully done.

Music Things: Oh boy, in the spirit of more crying and Disney, here is the song from the Pixar short film before Inside Out which was so sweet, poignant, and naturally drove me to tears all throughout.

Another Disney track I’m currently obsessed with is the “Transformation/Finale” from Beauty and the Beast, which goes from heart-achingly sad in the beginning to gorgeously triumphant by the end. Of course, tears all the way through.

Life Things: I’m going to be obnoxious again and say it’s my birthday because it only happens once out of the year 😀 I’m thankful for everything and everyone in my life, and I’m so excited to see what this year brings! I’m especially thankful for these bad boys which I’ve been shamelessly spamming all over my social media feeds because I LOVE them so much! Thank you again Akshaya and Maddy, you two are the bestests ❤

Sooooooo pretty


Weekend(s) Watching

Ooookay, so it’s been a while since I’ve kept up with the television watching log . . . which is not technically a bad thing since writers are supposed to totally be writing and reading and not watching a disproportionate amount of television.

*fidgets shamefully*

Okay, while I have been revising and working on writing stuff until my eyeballs fall out, I’ve also been watching way more television than reading. I know—as a bookish person, quadruple-shame on me!

However, the silver lining to all of this blasphemous television-not-reading time is that it’s given me SUCH a wonderful break in between revisions. Writing is hard, man. And revising is a whole other monster to tackle. I know that when the rest of the work starts to level off a bit I’ll be reading like nobody’s business (my TBR list is practically begging me to). But for now, while last minute polishing and revisions are still hitting me like Thor’s hammer between the eyes, here are some of the things I’ve been watching that range from the super awesome and inspiring, the mush, and just everything in between.


OMG THIS. SHOW. Words cannot even describe. I’ve been watching this show since it came on, but this particular watch-a-thon goes all the way back to RT with a hilarious night of Netflix and mimosas with my CPs. All I can say is this show contains so many cheesy/brilliant one-liners and puns that are guaranteed to make you laugh. Also, JUJU FOREVERHannah Montana may or may not scar your viewing experience)


YES, I admit it right here: I WATCH THE BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE. I can already feel the side-eyes raining down on me. But to be fair, this show is actually hilarious when it isn’t trying too hard to be a reality fairytale. There is so much drama and strange people who frequent the show that it’s only too easy to be entertained. Like with this season, when it started off with TWO bachelorettes? Awkward . . .


I kind of slipped away from this show for a bit, but when the summer season premiered a few days ago, I just had to re-open Pandora’s Box and watch the episode. Watching this show is like falling into a compelling form of self-torture. With each episode, you question more and more and more until you think the writers can’t possibly crank anymore mysteries into the show—BUT SURPRISE, they do. It’s a frustrating show at times (because alllll the questions and alllll the red herrings), but it can be so addictive.


I know, a HUMONGOUS flip on what I’ve listed so far. But it’s been among my latest obsessions this weekend. This movie is made up of SO MUCH AWESOME. My family and I loved watching movies like this all the time (aka adventurous, slightly nightmare-inducing films), but for some reason I just didn’t pay as much attention to Jurassic Park (probably because it was released the year I was born and thus I most definitely watched it when I was still an infant). I remembered bits and pieces, but this weekend I was determined to watch it in its entirety. Low and behold, IT IS A FREAKING MASTERPIECE. I was drowning in such pure awesome-shock that I proceeded to watch the next installments after. All I can say is I am SO ready for Jurassic World, I can barely contain myself! 😀


OH MY GOD. THIS SHOW. I am so so so angry at myself for not watching this magnificent show sooner! Seriously, it is everything I think I’ve ever wanted in a show—it’s adventurous, diverse and wise beyond anything, absolutely hilarious and my kind of random, and amazingly EPIC. I’ve literally fallen in love with this show and it has honestly saved me throughout these revisions. Every time I need a break in between work, I always treat myself to an episode (or five) of Avatar. Not only is it just so much fun to watch, but it’s also a great piece of work for writers to analyze since it has seriously perfected the art of multiple/corresponding story lines, worldbuilding, characterization, and working in so many details and themes within the overarching plot that are all in there for a reason and come full circle in ways you never even imagine. Sigh, I could honestly gush about the brilliance of this show forever. Now that I’m on the last season (*cries*) I’m going to have to ration the episodes extra hard because I do not want this experience to end! It has given me such life . . . as well as my dark, morally-complex banished Prince Zuko *heart eyes*

So those are the shows and movies I’ve had my radar for a bit, but in all honesty I have been working on writing stuff way more than the television. Honest. And now I already hear my manuscript calling my name and begging me to get off the internet, so off I go to embark on more revisions (whilst sneaking in more episodes of Avatar) . . .