Star Wars and Childhood Movie Madness

Last Thursday was probably one of the most important events in recent cinematic history EVER. And that is not an exaggeration by any means. Long story short, Star Wars: The Force Awakens was finally released, and I am still processing and anticipating the next time I can watch it all over again. There were a lot of chills, feels, crying, movie score-induced eargasms, laughing—and the writer in me was also just hardcore appreciating the masterful storytelling in this film. Seriously. Mind is thoroughly BLOWN (and probably will be for the remainder of the month), and all I know is that I want more.

I also just want to go to more Star Wars movies where I can stand witness to wonderful moments like this:

FullSizeRender 33

Kylo Ren in the wild, ordering refreshments (with Sabine Wren?)


Spotted: Han Solo and an Ewok, waiting for their popcorn

Aside from being emotionally compromised by the movie, there’s just something so special about seeing the celebration of Star Wars everywhere. It brings back the nostalgia of movies that were so inspirational and significant throughout the formative years of growing up—those kinds of films that really took hold of your imagination as a child and somehow offers some insight into the inexplicable pathways of your imaginations as an adult(ish) now.

So in honor of the resurgence of Star Wars (though I’m pretty sure Star Wars will forever be around due to its timelessness), I wanted to give a shout out to the movies that were at the heart of my childhood aka the movies I would watch again and again and AGAIN until my eyes would fall out. I came from a pretty big movie party, so I’ll limit my count to top 20, though if I had it my way, this list would go on for DAYS.

And so, in no particular order:

20. Home Alone



19. Space Jam


Tune Squad forever

18. Spy Kids


The reason why I wanted to be a spy for most of my childhood

17. 3 Ninjas



16. Grease


One of the only movies at my grandparents’ house, so I watched this wayyyyy too many times in my youth

15. Cats Don’t Dance


One of my all time FAVORITE animated movies ever. SO MUSICAL, SO INSPIRATIONAL.

14. Matilda


Oh man, Matilda was my home girl

13. Harriet the Spy


Ditto with Harriet

12. Jumanji


Equally loved/terrified of this movie

11. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory


Candy and creepiness all day errr day

10. Now and Then


This movie will forever be timeless to me

9. Halloweentown



8. Casper


The most adorable ghost ever (also, I wanted to own this cool haunted house)

7. Back to the Future



“Make like a tree, and get outta here”

6. Homeward Bound


So. Many. Animal. Feels.

5. The Little Rascals


I’ve watched this movie so many times, I could probably recite it

4. Adventures in Babysitting


Babysitting Goals

3. Fievel: An American Tail, and Fievel Goes West


This mouse’s adventures gave me all the feels

2. The Mummy



1. Disney movies


I know I’m cheating, but ALL OF THEM. Disney has always been my magical place.



More Watching

Yes, another television post—BUT, in my defense, there is a book post coming up soon when the rest of my book haul arrives!

Until then, here is television. *confetti cannon blast*

Now, while I have been reading as well (For real, I’m still not over Dragon Bound, Maddy!), I also need those television breaks in between for that other side of inspiration and brain-mush. And over the weeks, I’ve added a few more new shows to my list which I’m super, super excited about:


THIS SHOW. Oh my goodness, this show and I were just an inevitable match from the beginning. It showcases the darker behind-the-scenes look on a Bachelor-esque reality show from the lens of the crew and producers who are the real drama-stirrers in the business. It’s honestly like watching a dark, twisted disaster you can’t help but be severely fascinated by. I seriously want to punch the characters in the face on multiple occasions, but as a sucker for antiheroes and antiheroines, that’s a good thing in my book.


Ooooooh yes, another obsession. Normally I am NOT one for scary movies at all. I’m the movie-watcher who spends more time plugging her ears and cowering behind her hands than actually watching the movie. However, after one weekend at my sister’s house which involved a bizarre Scream movie marathon, I was ridiculously hooked. Scream is creepy, wonderfully self-referential in an amusing way, at times over-the-top—but over all, AWESOME. And while the new tv show carries such a different energy compared to the movies, I’m still on board with what’s happening.


I think I’ve mentioned once or twice (or a million times?) how much I just straight up LOVE dance shows. So when SYTYCD came back on, you best believe I’ve been drooling all over the audition episodes. Auditions and callbacks are my favorite parts of the season, and now that the callbacks are over, it’s time to get to the nitty-gritty of the Team Stage vs. Team Street battle.

So that’s just a quick recap of my most current watches, but I swear I’ll be posting something more bookish next! However, I am TOTALLY not opposed to gushing even more over these shows in the comments or hearing more recommendations of shows to watch from anyone who has any . . .

The Dark Days Are Over—It’s Mah Birthday!

Welp, it’s been QUITE a while—mostly because of this funny-not-so-funny story: I’ve been recovering from a pretty bad eye infection for a little more than a week, which was seriously the WORST. I felt like a vampire for the majority of the time since I couldn’t be anywhere near the sun or bright lighting, and the worst of it was I could hardly read a single word from a book or any sort of screen. Thus, I was on a forced break from my computer and books, which meant I was suffering SEVERE withdrawals from my work and anything having to do with words.

Oh boy, those days were dark.

On the upside, I was able to finish Outlander season 1 (HOLY CRAP SO INTENSE). On a bigger upside, I’ve been on the mend, been slowly able to read more books, and now, I’m well enough that my computer and I are happily back together.

And what better way to celebrate my official return back to the world of blogging than on my birthday!!!!!

So before I go back to do more birthday shenanigans (aka go to my last eye appointment, praise), here are just some small updates:

Reading Things: GUYS, I’VE BEEN READING. I feel like I’m always making promises to read more since pirate fantasy seems to be taking over my life (in a good way), but one blessing about the cursed eye infection was that I got to read some good ol’ books while I was woefully separated from my computer. My most recent reads were Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard, Dark Descendant by Jenna Black, White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout, and Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover. It was a cool variety which certainly helped me in getting over my reading slump! I’m determined to get through a lot more because it’s embarrassing how very little book posts I’ve made compared to my television ones . . .

Watching Things: So, as mentioned, I finished the first season of Outlander (now I’ve got to tackle that book . . .) and have kept up with my Avatar obsession (I’m reallllly stretching out season 3 because I don’t want it to end!). Some new additions to the television mix are UnREAL (such a dark and fantastic take on the behind-the-scenes aspect of shows like the Bachelor—naturally, I’m obsessed) and the new season of Orange Is the New Black (one of the crown jewels of Netflix).

But, aside from television, I watched Jurassic World and thought it was AWESOME and such a fun! Sure there was a ton more violence than in JP, but with our current audience who loves the actions and thrills, I’m not entirely surprised by its direction. Still, it was super entertaining, pumped with nostalgia, and I absolutely LOVED Chris Pratt’s character *heart eyes*. Also watched Inside Out yesterday which seriously punched me hard in the feels. I’m pretty sure I cried throughout the whole movie because I’m that movie-watcher. But overall, it was so clever, well-planned, and beautifully done.

Music Things: Oh boy, in the spirit of more crying and Disney, here is the song from the Pixar short film before Inside Out which was so sweet, poignant, and naturally drove me to tears all throughout.

Another Disney track I’m currently obsessed with is the “Transformation/Finale” from Beauty and the Beast, which goes from heart-achingly sad in the beginning to gorgeously triumphant by the end. Of course, tears all the way through.

Life Things: I’m going to be obnoxious again and say it’s my birthday because it only happens once out of the year 😀 I’m thankful for everything and everyone in my life, and I’m so excited to see what this year brings! I’m especially thankful for these bad boys which I’ve been shamelessly spamming all over my social media feeds because I LOVE them so much! Thank you again Akshaya and Maddy, you two are the bestests ❤

Sooooooo pretty

Enter the Writing Cave (at your own risk)

No joke.

Writers who write know that the cave is not all sunshine and rainbows of endless creativity. I mean, I guess it can be in some way. Entering the writing cave can be like a fun, exciting creative pillow you get to fall on when you’re feeling crazy-inspired and productive. Or, it can be a soul-sucking black hole of hours gone and hours spent in pajamas and looking at a screen, typingtypingtyping, and wondering wtf you’re doing. Lucky me, I experience both, and it tends to veer toward the Dementor-like black hole side.

*also, on a Harry Potter note, moment of silence in memory of the Battle of Hogwarts*

I fall into writing caves A LOT. And when I do that, it will be as if I disappeared from the world. Seriously. I’ll pop my head out of the cave for food, of course. But when I’m trapped in that writing-frenzy where I just NEED to work on my story for my own sanity, you will just never hear from me again . . .

Just kidding. While I do hold my writing as my priority, it is healthy and good for the headspace to just step back and venture into the real world sometimes—which I have been doing these past weeks (*snaps for me*) in an effort to keep the writing cave from sucking my soul entirely.

I saw sun, breathed in fresh air, rediscovered civilization . . . okay, too dramatic. But I did go out a bunch of times and met up with old friends who I hadn’t seen in an obscene amount of time (three trillion guesses why), and it felt nice to leave the writer home. However, it was also nice to come back after a few hours away.

Sometimes falling into the writing cave is amazing for when you just need to pound out words and get the story-train chugging along. That’s my favorite writing cave. But sometimes there’s the risk of getting in too deep to a point where you start feeling out of the loop with the world, losing track of reading books, separation anxiety with your computer, or delay catching up on other interests for weeks on end because every free moment is devoted to your story. I’m totally guilty of that, so to be more proactive in trying to poke my head out of the writing cave every so often, here are some updates sans(-ish) writing.

Reading Things: Disclaimer: I am horrendously behind on my Goodreads challenge. What part of me thought that reading 90 books this year would be a good idea? It was super easy in the past, but now not so much. However, I refuse to admit defeat just yet! I recently read a cool graphic novel called Cairo by G. Willow Wilson, a wonderful NA titled Maybe Someday by Colleen Hoover (GREAT recc, Akshaya!! We must discuss!), and I’m currently getting into a YA Fantasy Snow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch. Still, there are soooo many books on the TBR list, though. But to be fair, it is a mountain that cannot be conquered because it keeps growing. Hopefully I can get back into that obsessive reading frenzy as I do with writing to knock out some books on the list.

Television Things: I’ve been watching A LOT of Netflix and Dancing with the Stars, and I am totally not ashamed of it. I love dancing shows and movies, which is an obsession in itself that garners its own post. I’ll probably do another post on my television watches, just because I love lining them all up with funny little gifs. But for the sake of this post, the TV front is still pretty healthy.

Music Things: Further proof that I am obsessed with Dancing with the Stars. Here’s something that’s not on my writing playlist, but I have been listening to it on an unholy repeat because it just makes me so happy. And, of course, DWTS.

Riker and Allison are my faves, just saying. Plus they did a PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN Paso Doble, which made me love them even more. If they don’t win, my tantrum will be heard all across the universe.

Social Media/World Things: Today, William and Kate brought a baby girl into the world! This to me is just sooo crazy, only because when I was last in London I was there during the pivotal time when Prince George was born. And boy was it crazy. The pubs were all celebrating the birth, Buckingham Palace was swarming with crowds right after, and EVERYONE in general was just so excited about the baby that it was like all of London was anxiously pacing in the waiting room as one big family. It’s blows my mind that now they have a princess–I guess it’s infectious because I’m unreasonably excited for them too!

Along with having a ton of other work-related things to do this week, with these updates and all the venturing into the outside world I’ve been doing, it’s been a solid period of not letting the writing cave suck me back in too too much.

Nah man, I’m good