Weeks Long Watching: She-Really-Should-Be-Writing Edition

At the request of my super delightful friend Erin, here’s a new TV post at last! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these—mostly because I’ve been writing like mad—but some times when I can’t write (you know, when I should keep going and SHOULD be writing), television is a happy place like no other. However, with the return of allllll the shows after the New Year and throwing myself into writing cave, I now find that I’m always falling behind, and just potentially end up getting horribly spoiled  whenever I go on Twitter (and I HATE SPOILERS LIKE I HATE RAISINS…WHICH IS A LOT).

But, being a semi expert spoiler-avoider, I’ve been able to settle down in front of my TV all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed . . . until, of course, shit hits the fan and I’m left muppet-flailing all by myself over an episode that happened weeks ago. This is really what happens when it feels like there’s just too much TV and not enough me to watch. First world problems in a nutshell, right?

BUT, without further ado, here are shows I’ve been keeping up with!


When watching this, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so inadequate and talentless since watching episodes of MasterChef Junior. These contestants are just SO. YOUNG. And they whip up such AMAZING clothes! This season wrapped up a while ago, and I’m already mourning the loss of all the wardrobe malfunctions, workroom freakouts, and fashion shows. I will say that the winner was someone who I was rooting for the whole time, which made me sososo pleased by the finale!


Ohmygoodness, I cannot put into words how much I LOVED this. I’d read the book pretty recently (which I also loved very dearly) and knew I just had to dig up the infamous miniseries that is a classic in and of itself. Both are amazing, and I can’t recommend it enough if you’re into laughing, swooning, cheering, and sobbing! Also, GILBERT BLYTHE. Just putting it out there, Anne and Gilbert are one of my top OTPs. I am certain they are the original James and Lily, and I WILL FIGHT YOU ON IT.


And of course, because I was on such an Anne Shirley kick, I had to also check out the super charming vlog series on YouTube—and by “checking out,” I mean devouring episodes in between breaks because they are soooo addictive.


The level of rose-wanting this season has been on this manic level up here ^^  This season has been highly entertaining to say the least. They just did hometowns this week (I was actually SUPER jazzed to have seen a Filipino family and food in the mix), and I’m already dreading the end because the preview of the finale from way back when looks so stressful to watch. If he does not choose my top pick, I will riot.


Still have an episode or two to catch up on, but holy emotions Batman! My love for Klaus continues to know no bounds. He is still the dark, tragic antihero of my dreams. My heart will never relent.


Ohhhh man, I’m also behind on this one by an episode or two. But ughhh. Pirates. Corruption. And Vane. LOVE. HIM.

THE 100

Speaking of Vane, who else was freaking out when they saw him guest-starring on this season of The 100!?!? His fight scene in the gif above was SICKKK. All of the episodes so far have taken interesting turns, which have kept me intrigued to find out what happens next. And also, to keep holding out for Bellarke moments because I’ve been shipping them since episode 1.


AHHHHHH KORRA!!!! I have severe heart-eyes for this show, and franchise in general. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to dive into this because it is BRILLIANT. I was originally hesitant about watching, mostly because I’d heard so many people comment on how different LoK was from ATLA—which made me nervous, since I absolutely LOVE ATLA. However, as soon as I started watching LoK, I couldn’t stop. And I couldn’t help but appreciate how the differences I was initially wary of are actually what make it soooo fantastic. It’s darker in tone, the world is different but no less awesome and impressive (these shows are seriously master classes on A+ worldbuilding), and the cast of characters are made up of new figures. Of course, when old veterans do come back for a brief time, I am SOBBING—but I do adore all of the new characters who are so reminiscent of the former Team Avatar, yet still remain unique in their own way. I can’t wait to keep going with this one.


OHMYGOD. K-DRAMAS. I CAN’T GET ENOUGH. Funny story, my uncle was actually the one who was super insistent on getting me into this show. He’s so passionate about it that I just HAD to check it out . . . which may have been the best and worst decision of my life because this show is so addictive. And not even because it centers around a fox spirit (though that was a huge selling point for me). I don’t think I’ve ever laughed or flailed so hard in a LONG, long time, and I’m already dreading the end because I don’t want this level of cuteness to ever be over. Thank goodness I still have so many more hours left with how blissfully long these seasons are!


I need to give a huge, HUGE thanks to Erin for introducing me to this show—as well as ruining my life because I. CAN’T. STOP. WATCHING. Ohmygod. This show drives me crazy, gets me flailing, makes me cringe, and everything in between. Just . . . gah, alllll the emotions. With this show, you’ll get a hate-to-love romance (probably one of my favorite tropes) and a main guy who is SUCH a jerk, but you can’t help but be intrigued and find him so unbelievably endearing as he tries to win the heart of a girl who’d rather have nothing to do with him. Sigh.

Okay, now that I’ve shamelessly written about all the television I’ve been attempting to keep up with, now it’s time to get back to my drafting cave to write down all the words. 😀


Weeks Long Watching: Mega ‘Does-She-Even-Have-A-Life?’ Edition

Okay, so the title is deceptive. Yes, I do have a life. No, I did not just spend it watching all of these shows. I don’t think a lifetime could even cover all of these shows because there are SO MANY to list. But before anyone gets concerned, most of these viewings have spanned across MONTHS. A lot of old, returned, and newly discovered. So now, with fall being the major TV season, I thought it was about time I posted an update on all the screen goodies that have kept me up watching.


This one came back a couple of weeks ago (and I still have a few episodes to catch up on, eek!), but I’m going to try and follow the season this time as best as I can (just so I’m not left binge-watching a mountain of episodes right at the end . . . like last time). As always in this show, evil is afoot in the form of a different nefarious fiend—except I really wish that her eyebrows (pictured above) did not annoy me as much as they do. What I do like is the direction they’ve started taking with this show (last season was just a can of pure YAS to me), and I seriously hope it continues.


This show will never not be funny to me. End of story. This one probably gives me the least stressful yet very giggle-inducing half hour of all the shows I watch. Thank goodness you have returned.


Weirdly enough, THIS show has recently taken over the most stressful thirty minutes slot in the week. As a huge fan of Boy Meets World, I was super let down by the first season of Girl Meets World. I wasn’t as invested in the characters as I was with Cory, Shawn, & Co., which is natural since there is absolutely not way to ever top that sort of squad chemistry. However, now things are starting to get interesting and dramatic (almost too dramatic for junior high, but whatever) with a couple I TOTALLY called first episode in. I’m in it for the slow Lucaya burn now . . . just as long as the show stops referring to “the world” in that cheesy way they do at least 249382 times per episode.


I’m not entirely sure how I started watching this show, but IT JUST HAPPENED. Even though I’m not much of a shopper or fashion expert, there is just something oddly fascinating about this show. The drama in the work room freak outs and on the runway are too good to look away from, and the nasty one-liners are probably the best things I’ve ever heard. Such strong insult game, with this show.


Speaking of addictive reality TV, am I the only one who watches Are You the One? If you don’t know what it’s about, the wild range of emotions that are felt in a season can pretty be summed up in this single gif above. It’s all about finding your perfect match while falling in love with the wrong people. All in all, one huge social experiment that dissolves into complete chaos by the end. My fave.


And speaking of chaos, Scream Queens. I was actually pleasantly surprised by this one. While there is just something very off about the characters (in true Ryan Murphy fashion), I love how much the whole package reminds me of The Heathers and Scream. I think I may be more into it than AHS: Hotel—and as someone who’s followed AHS since the beginning, I was pretty let down (aka I had no idea wtf I was watching) by Hotel‘s premiere. Yup, definitely sticking with Scream Queens.


Another new one I’ve been getting into is Quantico. Like with many of the CW shows, I catch myself wondering why everyone on this show is so wildly attractive—but I’ve finally accepted when to suspend belief because beautiful people make for dramatic situations. Especially in FBI training. However, what really gets me excited about this show is just the awesome storytelling structure which displays past and present, how no one is entirely reliable, and how much changes between the characters that they’re not even aware of yet. I’m a sucker for dramatic irony.


Here is probably one of the funnest, freshest, and funniest shows on my list. For that reason, it’s been the main show I work out to since it is so addictive and hilarious (which often results in me wheezing-laughing as I try not to die on the treadmill). Everything about it is a little outrageous, but in the most charming and cleverly executed way. And with a stellar diverse cast filled with such fierce women. Huzzah.


Oh man, THIS SHOW. I used to watch the Vampire Diaries a while ago, but The Originals COMPLETELY blows it out of the park for me. Super compelling antiheroic characters, a lot of moral ambiguity, slow burn romance, and darkness galore. And now that Jason Dohring of Veronica Mars fame (!!!) has made it onto season 3, it is literally becoming everything I’ve ever wanted in a show. Also, can I just steal Klaus? He is actually the tragic, twisted antihero of my dreams.


Absolutely no surprise. I get so into this show, it’s almost unreal. They just covered iconic dances throughout the years last night, and I’m not even ashamed to admit that I was super impressed with the Magic Mike routine. Like COME ON—making a rumba out of that is just straight up innovative.


I watched this show a while ago, but man did it stay with me. Seriously, it is SUCH a fantastic, dark Western with a cast of super strong and unique women trying to survive the lawless world they live in. I’m pretty sure I gobbled the entire season on Netflix in under a week because it was that good. And now I’m in mourning since it didn’t survive past the first season. Womp womp.


From the moment I saw the trailer for this show, I knew it was absolutely my cup of tea. It took so long to rent it from the library (the queue for it was RIDICULOUS), and now that I finally have it, watching alllllll the episodes was in order. Just to give you a sad little update, I started two days ago—I have ONE episode left. ‘TWAS THAT GOOD. Also, Aidan Turner as Ross Poldark is just pure TV magic. Just LOOK at that dreamy smile (which is rare, since he does go through a lot of tough shit in this miniseries). I also might be a little obsessed with his dashing flyaway hair.


And FINALLY, saving the best for last: The Guild! I knew I had to watch this one after reading Felicia Day’s memoir, and it was such a surreal viewing experience knowing the origins of the show and her behind-the-scenes take on it. Also, the content was just hilarious. Super clever, truly nerdy, and unexpectedly poignant. It’s a show centered around gamers, but it goes so much more beyond that—and I was super sad when I had no more episodes left because the characters seriously grew on me. Nevertheless, this one DEFINITELY goes to the top of my list of standout shows this year, purely because it just encompassed so much of what I love, made me giggle-snort more times than I can count, and rocked all sorts of character arcs and development throughout the series.

Okay, enough TV. Hopefully my next couch-potato exploits I post on will be of the literary sort—especially with NaNoWriMo fast approaching! I’m already itching to write something new, and now it’s all about deciding where my imagination wants to go next . . .

Weekend Watching

Welcome back to my television randomness, people. It’s been a while since I’ve posted one of these, but I have to say, this has to be my most diverse line up yet. But hey, what’s wrong with a little variety? Is it so bad to have your heart-stopping dramas thrown in with your reality tv shows? ABSOLUTELY. NOT.


For a while I kind of let this series fall to the side. But after a weekend with my sister, which included her force-feeding me the most recent season, I am back on track. And ohmygoodness. SO. GOOD. While the characters’ obsessions with HEAs sometimes make me want to laugh (happiness is no joke to these people. Re: gif), just the way the writers handled villains and good-versus-evil was seriously something else. I cried, as per usual. Can’t wait for the next season and more Hook (because sexy pirate is sexy).



I KNOW—THE TITLE. But no judgmental eyes here, people, because this show is actually a diamond in the rough. One day I saw that the first four seasons were all on Netflix and decided on a whim to watch the first episode at the gym. It was probably my biggest mistake since I was laughing/gasping hard on the treadmill people thought I was probably having an asthma attack. I burned through allllllll of the seasons in between my writing for some much needed laughs. Also, let’s be real, for some much needed gentle-giant Danny as pictured above.


Yes say what you will about the Bachelor shows, but they are actually SO. FUNNY. After watching UnREAL, I feel like I take in these shows now with a completely different perspective. The people on it frustrate me to no end, but I am still shamelessly hooked on it regardless. There is just something so train wreck about it—I can’t look away even if I wanted to. This season has been all about the cheesy swells of music and the glorious ugly-cry, as pictured above.


Yes, back on this train again. I feel like ANTM has been around for so long and I just stopped tuning in after cycle 293384—but once they threw male models into the mix, I could not ignore the drama siren call. It’s like the Bachelor meets Zoolander and is seriously a thing of reality tv show nightmares and dreams. This season, they have a lot of interesting contenders, but Nyle is definitely one of my favorites (and if he doesn’t win or at least make it into the top, I WILL riot).


Saving the best for last—OH MY GOD THIS SHOW IS THE SPECTACULAR. I devoured it all in two days, and I don’t think I’ve been so obsessed and emotionally-compromised by a show in a while. It got me right in the feels, and then some. The plot is so intricate, the settings are so beautiful, and the diverse cast of characters are amazing. The story itself is just fantastic and the ships are unstoppable (Wolfgang and Kala for OTP). This show has been one of the best I’ve discovered this year, and has quickly elevated to one of my favorite shows of all time. Not only is the content so compelling and the characters even more so, but the show has also been inspiring my writing brain and maybe even future story ideas. I definitely recommend this show to EVERYONE (I converted my sister right after my Sense8 marathon and she is just as hardcore about it as I am now); but for writers, I especially recommend this to anyone who’s looking for good examples of balancing and weaving multiple POVs because it is done so flawlessly here. Pretty much everything is flawless.

Okay, I’m done gushing. Or am I? I’m totally not opposed to more gushing about any new shows you guys recommend/have started watching in the comments! Hit me with your faves and guilty pleasures!

Weekend(s) Watching

Ooookay, so it’s been a while since I’ve kept up with the television watching log . . . which is not technically a bad thing since writers are supposed to totally be writing and reading and not watching a disproportionate amount of television.

*fidgets shamefully*

Okay, while I have been revising and working on writing stuff until my eyeballs fall out, I’ve also been watching way more television than reading. I know—as a bookish person, quadruple-shame on me!

However, the silver lining to all of this blasphemous television-not-reading time is that it’s given me SUCH a wonderful break in between revisions. Writing is hard, man. And revising is a whole other monster to tackle. I know that when the rest of the work starts to level off a bit I’ll be reading like nobody’s business (my TBR list is practically begging me to). But for now, while last minute polishing and revisions are still hitting me like Thor’s hammer between the eyes, here are some of the things I’ve been watching that range from the super awesome and inspiring, the mush, and just everything in between.


OMG THIS. SHOW. Words cannot even describe. I’ve been watching this show since it came on, but this particular watch-a-thon goes all the way back to RT with a hilarious night of Netflix and mimosas with my CPs. All I can say is this show contains so many cheesy/brilliant one-liners and puns that are guaranteed to make you laugh. Also, JUJU FOREVERHannah Montana may or may not scar your viewing experience)


YES, I admit it right here: I WATCH THE BACHELOR/BACHELORETTE. I can already feel the side-eyes raining down on me. But to be fair, this show is actually hilarious when it isn’t trying too hard to be a reality fairytale. There is so much drama and strange people who frequent the show that it’s only too easy to be entertained. Like with this season, when it started off with TWO bachelorettes? Awkward . . .


I kind of slipped away from this show for a bit, but when the summer season premiered a few days ago, I just had to re-open Pandora’s Box and watch the episode. Watching this show is like falling into a compelling form of self-torture. With each episode, you question more and more and more until you think the writers can’t possibly crank anymore mysteries into the show—BUT SURPRISE, they do. It’s a frustrating show at times (because alllll the questions and alllll the red herrings), but it can be so addictive.


I know, a HUMONGOUS flip on what I’ve listed so far. But it’s been among my latest obsessions this weekend. This movie is made up of SO MUCH AWESOME. My family and I loved watching movies like this all the time (aka adventurous, slightly nightmare-inducing films), but for some reason I just didn’t pay as much attention to Jurassic Park (probably because it was released the year I was born and thus I most definitely watched it when I was still an infant). I remembered bits and pieces, but this weekend I was determined to watch it in its entirety. Low and behold, IT IS A FREAKING MASTERPIECE. I was drowning in such pure awesome-shock that I proceeded to watch the next installments after. All I can say is I am SO ready for Jurassic World, I can barely contain myself! 😀


OH MY GOD. THIS SHOW. I am so so so angry at myself for not watching this magnificent show sooner! Seriously, it is everything I think I’ve ever wanted in a show—it’s adventurous, diverse and wise beyond anything, absolutely hilarious and my kind of random, and amazingly EPIC. I’ve literally fallen in love with this show and it has honestly saved me throughout these revisions. Every time I need a break in between work, I always treat myself to an episode (or five) of Avatar. Not only is it just so much fun to watch, but it’s also a great piece of work for writers to analyze since it has seriously perfected the art of multiple/corresponding story lines, worldbuilding, characterization, and working in so many details and themes within the overarching plot that are all in there for a reason and come full circle in ways you never even imagine. Sigh, I could honestly gush about the brilliance of this show forever. Now that I’m on the last season (*cries*) I’m going to have to ration the episodes extra hard because I do not want this experience to end! It has given me such life . . . as well as my dark, morally-complex banished Prince Zuko *heart eyes*

So those are the shows and movies I’ve had my radar for a bit, but in all honesty I have been working on writing stuff way more than the television. Honest. And now I already hear my manuscript calling my name and begging me to get off the internet, so off I go to embark on more revisions (whilst sneaking in more episodes of Avatar) . . .

Week Watching

After a whole week away at my sister’s (filled with wine and some quality puppy time), I was able to 1) get some work done, and 2) get distracted from said work with television as per usual. It’s a problem. And yes, the selection is still as random as it gets, but only because I like variety with my shows just as I enjoy them with my books. My family likes to joke that I’ll just watch whatever is put in front of me. I like to call it being well-rounded in all areas of entertainment. Sue me.


This one was a catch-up, because boy, did I need to catch up. The show has been a bit up and down for me all throughout but I’ve kept up with it well enough. As a Joss Whedon fan, I refuse to give up on it just yet and feel I should trust his judgments. Also, am I the only who’s still rooting for Skyeward to happen because it feels pretty lonely on this ship.


Watching this show is like eating candy and chasing it down with champagne. After getting over the fact that the Hot Prince Charming is Peter Pevensie (mind blown), it becomes super addictive. It definitely fills a Gossip Girl void, and always makes me wonder how the actual royal family is reacting to it/how scandalized the queen would be. I laugh just thinking about it.


Confession: I love the CW. They have mastered the art of throwing ridiculously beautiful people into ridiculous situations, and I love it. I have wayyyy too many shows there I have to catch up on/watch, but when this one-season floater surfaced on Netflix I just had to see it. While nothing can compare to the alien romance of Roswell, this show holds its own while tackling issues of prejudice and diversity. Also there’s a lot of chronic staring syndrome, as pictured above.


This show was another catch-up, but it is SO FUNNY. I still have a few more episodes to catch up on and will do so lovingly probably later today since it’s just so easy to watch and will pick you up when you’re so deep in revisions/editing that you can’t even see straight.


My love for this show knows no bounds, and I’m so sad that we’re nearing the final weeks because how will I fill that dancing show void now?!?! This week my faves killed it (their trio jazz routine above just had me bouncing in my seat the whole time), but I also fell in love with an amazing Paso Doble later in the show which might’ve inspired a new story idea for me! Ugh, THIS IS WHY I LOVE DANCE SHOWS. Makin’ it rain with the writing inspiration.

This week will probably be lacking in television because I will be enjoying a week of Texas at the RT Booklovers Convention! I’m super pumped because it’s the first writers con I’ve ever been to (and I’ll be meeting my super amazing writing buds Maddy and Akshaya for the first time holla), but there’s still SO MUCH to do before then. So much preparing, so much packing—

Oh right, oops, have to do that right now.

See y’all real later 🙂

Weekend Watching

In between reading/editing my manuscript for the 294746339th time, and actually acting like a human for two seconds to go out for a night (where I hugged the living crap out of friends I had not seen in forever), this was also a weekend of television for me.

I LOVE television. Seriously. My idea of a perfect night is watching Netflix for however long until it starts getting embarrassing. Which happens. A lot.

But beside the point, when I get into my creative bursts and corner myself into the writing cave, I tend to neglect a TON of shows and get super sad because the internet is a raging minefield of spoilers. And for those who don’t know me, I HATE spoilers with a burning passion. It ranks among the top five of my random hatred list along with foolish mortals, mayonnaise, raisins, and selfies that try too hard.

Again, more to the point, this weekend I was able to hunker down and catch up on some television that I’ve been waiting to dive back into (and avoiding pesky internet spoilers like the plague). Here are some of the random gems:


This is technically my “writing research” show (snort), and it doesn’t hurt that it’s RIDICULOUSLY good and all sorts of amazing. I’ve loved it since the first season aired last year and was so frustrated when I finally reached the second season’s close this weekend. So epic, bloody, and vulgar in the best way only a killer pirate show can be. Ugh, and so the waiting game begins. Between now and then, I’ll have to find another show to fill that pirate-y void. Or probably just rewatch Black Sails until my eyes bleed. It’s a toss up, really.


This show is, again, EVERYTHING. I’ve already watched the whole season (literally, in two days after Netflix released it), and had the pleasure of rewatching most of the episodes with my sister this weekend. It’s so funny, random, and empowering–aka my favorite combination of words.


This is yet another favorite of mine from Starz (they are really cranking out some amazing shows). I was always meaning to read the book before the show (still have it unopened in a bag somewhere in my room from when I went on a very ambitious book-buying trip), but it is seriously gigantic. As in, it-could-double-as-a-weapon gigantic. And not that I don’t love huge books, but I just know I’m going to have to reserve a good amount of free time to immerse myself in the story because it is just so good. The show is amazing (ahem, Jamie is amazing), and watching it has only made me want to read the books that much more.


And here is yet another Netflix show (also, very impressed with the stuff they’re putting out there as well). I’m a fan of superhero stories, so the newly released Daredevil was right up my alley. Since I’ve only just started it, I have to say I like it a lot better than the Ben Affleck version (which, the general consensus seems to agree, was a bit blah). I love the way it filters in the backstory in relation to the action. However, I’m still in that watching early stage where I’m waiting for it to become more ohmygodcan’tstopwatchingsoundthealarm. After a few more episodes, I’m sure I’ll get there.

Such a random variety, but these perfectly illustrate my tastes for movies and television (let’s be real, pretty much life in general). So those were all of my weekend watches, which I’m sure will only increase more because I devour television like junk food when my writer mind just needs the freedom to have fun/be mush for a while. But the weekend is over, and now I have to put my writer helmet on and say goodbye to the television for this week’s sake.